The Leeds International Piano Competition is one of the top 3 most important and prestigious piano competitions in the world, with previous finalists such as Murray Perahia, Mitsuko Uchida, András Schiff… and dozens more names that anybody familiar with classical pianists will recognise instantly as being in the top row of the best, most important, and most successful artists in the business.

The competition has always owed its strength and international presence to its founder Dame Fanny Waterman- after she recently stepped down from her role as Artistic Director, Adam Gatehouse and the pianist Paul Lewis took over the reigns as joint Artistic Directors (Paul Lewis has unfortunately since resigned from the post due to career commitments).

We already covered aspects of The Leeds (as the competition is more informally known) in episode 5 of the Heart of the Piano Podcast when I interviewed Benjamin Frith, who took part as a competitor in 2 separate years, and whose teacher is Dame Fanny Waterman. So it was a pleasure to be able to chat to Adam who very kindly gave us some of his time in the middle of the Leeds Piano Festival (a new annual offshoot of the competition!) which is currently running in Leeds (Yorkshire) and London.

Adam Gatehouse and Lang Lang Scholars at the Leeds Piano Festival 2019

Show Notes

  • Adam’s impact on the world of piano (and beyond!)- The BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artists’ Scheme [3:00]
  • How Adam was approached by Dame Fanny Waterman to be on the jury for The Leeds, and subsequently Artistic Director [6:10]
    New direction and feel for the competition- less of a competition and more of a celebration but still keeping some of the ‘gladiatorial’ aspect!
  • The case for piano competitions as a means of launching careers [9:40]
    How The Leeds has been helping Eric Lu’s (2018 winner) career
  • About Eric Lu [11:15]
  • A supportive atmosphere for the competitors [12:40]
    More forgiveness towards memory lapses!
  • Competitors all invited to take part in masterclasses, and participants knocked out of the competition valued by being invited to take part in education and outreach events [16:10]
  • How to bring high-level classical piano playing to the general public? [18:20]
  • Adam’s previous experience as a jury member for The Leeds [26:45]
    The things Adam wanted to change after being appointed Artistic Director
  • The new annual piano festival to keep interest alive in the years between competitions [34:20]
  • Increasing awareness of The Leeds which was previously a well-kept secret! [37:05]


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About Adam Gatehouse:

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The ‘Fiona’ I referred to is Fiona Sinclair, the Chief Executive of The Leeds:

This article: reminded me that it was Armen Babakhanian who was punished in 1996 for his memory lapse in the final!

I’m guessing it’s this article that Adam was referring to, which discusses Bach’s current surge in popularity in under-35s:

The second-round display of virtuosity (Chopin Etudes op.10) that was rewarded with progression to the semi-finals:

The 2018 Leeds Pub Piano Competition:

I spent far too much time hunting for the article which talked about one of The Leeds’ jury members escaping to take part in the Leeds Pub Piano Competition in a previous year- if anybody finds this article please let me know!
(ah, it might be in the book I linked to above about the history of The Leeds! I don’t have it anymore…)

Some of my favourite performances from the 2018 competition: