Discover and enjoy the pleasure of heartfelt music-making with a warm & friendly teacher who is experienced in helping students of all ages & abilities unlock their natural musicality.

Learn strategies to deal with all the usual obstacles to learning to play a musical instrument such as lack of confidence, frustration, lack of time, bad habits, impatience, & negative beliefs (such as “I’m not musical!”)

We all have the ability to enjoy being deeply musical at a high level no matter what age we start and where we are on our journey- I will show you the most direct path to the potential inside you waiting to be released!

Whether you’re: a beginner or an experienced musician;

Want to play classical music at the highest levels beyond diploma level, or just want to play pop/ rock/ jazz for fun;

Want to have the reward of high marks in grades & exams, or just want to play for your own pleasure with no pressure;

Are seeking dazzling virtuoso technique; or want to explore how to cultivate a deep emotional connection in your playing at any level;

Desire being able to play your very best under pressure in front of an audience/ your teacher(!), or only want to play for yourself;

Want to learn to read music, or just want to play by ear and improvise;

Are seeking high levels of musical knowledge about all aspects of classical music/ jazz theory/ composing, or just want to play what you love without overthinking it…

I treat every single student as an individual, and will work with you to find the best path for who you are meant to be musically so your creativity, self-expression and fulfilment can flourish.

Lessons are available online using Zoom (I’m a big fan of this format now), or from my home in the centre of Huddersfield (free parking available) with Covid precautions in place.

You can find out more about me on:

my YouTube channel, or

on the About Me section of the website.

Do get in touch if you’d like to arrange a free initial session to get to know each other and make sure I’ll be a good teacher for you!

Bob playing guitar