Bob at the piano

My teaching methods can best be summed up as the impatient and ambitious (and also a bit lazy!) person’s guide to mastering a musical instrument in record time.

Teaching and coaching strategies include:

  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • How to use attention and focus
  • Self-belief and psychology
  • Polyvagal theory
  • Evidence-based strategies from neuroscience
  • Neuro & bio feedback
  • Sports psychology
  • How to play expressively from the heart
  • A practical understanding of how music theory can be applied to emotional expression
  • How to deal with performance anxiety

I will show you how to use your limited practice time in the best way to progress & learn rapidly while also playing effortlessly.

Wherever possible, methods are backed up by the latest academic research findings on teaching music and sports psychology, combined with my own complementary cutting-edge methods.

For those interested in the path of classical music, I teach to all diploma levels.

I also teach rock/jazz/blues piano, and in fact believe that all classical pianists should be comfortable improvising like all the great pianists were able to do in previous eras.

Also available are lessons in composition and theory (including counterpoint and 4-part harmony).
I teach electric guitar and violin using all the methods above.

I teach online using Zoom/WhatsApp/Skype/Facetime, as well as from my home in Huddersfield (West Yorkshire, England).