Erica is the editor of UK-based Pianist Magazine, an internationally renowned magazine for people who love to play the piano. It features interviews with top concert pianists, full-length features on current issues, how-to piano lessons, CD and sheet music reviews, Questions and Answers, teaching tips and concert highlights.

I thought, who better to chat with than the editor of one of the world’s top piano magazines for interesting opinions and conversations on all things piano related!

Erica originally had a scholarship to study at the Manhattan School of Music, and we also chat about her musical journey- it’s Erica’s wonderful piano playing that we hear at the beginning and end of this podcast episode.

Erica Worth at the piano

Show Notes

  • A brief introduction about Pianist Magazine [0.30]
  • About Erica’s impressive piano skills [1:55], including:
    Erica’s teacher at Manhattan School of Music, Constance Keene who made the best (IMO) recording of the Rachmaninov Preludes
    Erica’s Liberace scholarship, and a chat about Liberace’s place in the world of classical music

    Erica with Liberace

    Erica (2nd from left) with Liberace (centre)

  • Mainstream and crossover classical pianists- quite rare compared to other instruments such as the violin [15:45]
  • The demographic of Pianist Magazine [21:05]
  • Modern mainstream resistance to classical music, and the role of music education in schools [23:50]
  • Listening to recordings- is it useful when developing as a pianist? [29:40]
  • Amateur pianists and what they find useful [31:50]
  • Interviewing piano superstars! [35:30]
  • What does it take to make a solid career as a concert pianist? Does one have to start incredibly young with very vigorous training? About the modern style of piano playing [45:10]
  • Chatting about the Leeds International Piano Competition 2018, and about the value of competitions in music [51:20]


Pianist Magazine:

A British Pathé clip of Constance Keene:

Constance Keene playing Rachmaninov Prelude no. 4 op. 32 in E minor: – I personally tried learning this one many moons ago, and gave up- this version is just incredible!

A pivotal scene in the film ‘Whiplash’:

Behind the Candelabra:

A really fantastic clip of Dudley Moore jazzing up Rimsky-Korsakov’s  Scheherazade (I could have chosen from so many clips to show what an amazing pianist he was!):

The legendary Victor Borge:

The magnificence that is the video for Richard Clayderman’s Ballade Pour Adeline: 😂

André Rieu- Hallelujah, featuring lots of beautiful frocks. 😂 But you can’t say the audience aren’t enjoying themselves!:

Tokio Myers on the final of Britain’s Got Talent:

Tokio Myers & Erica Worth

Tokio Myers and Erica Worth

Chloe Flower playing at the Grammy Awards 2019 for Cardi B:

One of Vanessa Mae’s old crossover videos:

Exquisite playing by Emil Gilels:

Menahem Pressler’s gorgeous unsentimental recording of Ravel’s Pavane pour une Infante Défunte that Ravel would have loved:

Information about virtuoso Arcadi Volodos: -‘For someone who did not take piano seriously until he was 16, Volodos plays with the wizardry of one who was a child prodigy. […] Volodos said that, “It is not too late at 16 [to learn piano]. In the end it depends on how you deal with the music. I have never practiced scales and I always got bad marks for technique.”’

About Evgeny Kissin and his teacher:

The Leeds International Piano Competition 2018 jurors are listed near the bottom of this page: – perhaps not quite as many non-pianists as I thought but still 3 out of 9 are not pianists!

My personal favourite of all the Leeds Piano Competition 2018 finalists, Mario Häring: -his playing was outstanding in every one of the preliminaries I saw him in