Ben Richards organises 8(!) regular piano meetup groups all across the UK.
We talk about what makes his groups particularly fun and inviting for amateurs and beginners (although advanced players also play), some of the history of piano groups and the piano, and the various benefits and attractions of taking part.
We also talk about the inevitable nerves and performance anxiety that we all feel, and chat a little about how to deal with it!

Ben Richards

Ben Richards playing in Leeds as part of the Leeds Piano Competition Piano Trail

No timestamped show notes for this episode as the conversation flows quickly from one topic to another, but I will put links below!


and not run by Ben but talked about during the podcast:

There’s a reasonably comprehensive list of UK amateur piano groups here:

I’ve talked about the neurofeedback headband I use on previous podcasts, we talk about it briefly on this podcast:

And this is the app I use on my Pebble smartwatch that discreetly vibrates as I sit in the audience to help me breathe the right amount of times a minute to activate Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Resonance Frequency Breathing (more on HRV in the future!)

The intro/outro music is me (Bob Rose) playing a bit of my own jazzed up version of the “Raindrop” Prelude, Op 28, No. 15 by Chopin on my new Kawai CA98 🙂 (although it sounds a bit rough with the reduced bit rate!)