In the second episode, we start to look at the common mistakes and pitfalls made by amateur & beginner pianists, with advice and suggestions on how to avoid them!
This episode starts with a look at the world of informal gatherings of pianists where we can play to each other in non-judgemental safety, and goes on to a discussion of how changing the quality of focus and attention can make deep and profound changes in learning and performing.

Show Notes

  • Piano meetup groups in the UK [1:30], including:
    -The importance and fun of playing in public at all levels from beginner to advanced
    -Being non-judgemental when attending amateur piano groups
  • How the biggest mistake of not listening to the piano while performing is caused by the wrong type of focus/effort/attention [16:20], including:
    -Wide vs narrow focus
    -Cultural differences in the way we use our attention & focus
    -How posture is linked to attention & focus
    -Practical ways to improve attention & focus
    -Brainwaves and neurofeedback
  • Using attention & focus to correct a common problem that usually afflicts performances of Chopin the most! [53:30]


Some of the great piano meetup groups in the UK run by the fantastic Ben Richards:

The Open-Focus Brain-

How the Body Knows Its Mind- ‘The human body is not just a passive device carrying out messages sent by the brain, but rather an integral part of how we think and make decisions’-

East and West: Seeing the world through different lenses- and

Neurofeedback on music students-

Mood influences the type of attention we have-

‘The oft-quoted statistic that 40 million Chinese children are studying the piano is considered by many to be a spectacular underestimate’-