All about the powerful effects of mindfulness and meditation and how we can practise these skills to dramatically improve our piano playing through far more effective practice, dealing with performance anxiety, and finding the right state of mind to learn and make music more effectively and at a much higher level. Also about the guided meditations to use while at the piano that will be accompanying this podcast episode.

Show Notes

  • Andy’s initial thoughts on mindfulness [1:25]
  • How did mindfulness become so popular? [4:05]
  • Evidence-based general benefits of meditation [7:00]
  • What is meditation and mindfulness? [10:00]
    The difference between the terms meditation and mindfulness
  • How meditation can help with performance anxiety [15:45]
  • ‘Doing’ and ‘Being’- how these concepts and meditation can dramatically improve your playing [18:20]
  • Meditation as the practice of directing attention- a crucial skill for musicians [22:25]
  • The dramatic improvement in my piano playing after a week-long silent meditation retreat [24:35]
  • How meditation can speed up learning the piano and make practice far more efficient [26:20],
    Using neurofeedback while practising
  • Being 100% in the moment, one of the goals of meditation [31:35]
  • Making piano practice more efficient with meditation [35:45]
  • Meditation is about skilful use of attention- most of the common amateur & beginner mistakes are ultimately caused by unskillful use of attention [42:00]
  • Practising ‘being’ with meditation, and how this helps with performance anxiety and piano playing in general [50:00]
  • About my guided meditations for pianists to use as they practise- some free recordings will be accompanying this episode [55:30]
  • Common challenges people have when meditating, with advice [59:00]
  • Risks associated with meditation [1:01:40]
  • Andy’s resistance with meditation [1:04:05]


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