Meditating with the Muse Headband while Practising Bach Prelude

A brief demonstration of me using a Muse Headband to practise getting into flow and achieve an optimal state of mind while playing a 'simple' Bach Prelude. https://choosemuse.com/ There's a brief explanation of what the headband does, and how brainwaves correlate with different states of focus and concentration. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/6TSVFbcuoMI

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The Natural Pianist- Concentration

This is the #1 strategy that makes the most immediate and dramatic change in my students that instantly rewards with much faster progress, and more natural musicianship. It's completely counter-intuitive for most people, and society constantly indoctrinates us to do this wrong. I've not come across anybody else specifically teaching this method (and there's much more depth and many layers to this concept, so keep watching these videos for far more evidence-led related concepts!), what do you think about this strategy? Are you like most of my students who don't believe me the first time I show them this? But they all [...]

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The Natural Pianist- Posture and Focus

In these videos we're going to look at the most common problems that hold beginners and amateurs back (and professionals to a lesser degree!) Many of these tips are rarely taught, and very powerful in creating deep change. If you're interested in how to develop as a pianist more quickly, feel more confident, learn pieces more quickly, become more expressive, deal with performance anxiety, develop better technique, become a better sight-reader, play better for your teacher, and much more, subscribe and follow these videos! Check out the podcast (link in the top menu) if you're interested in hearing more [...]

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